Are you searching for Nintendo Switch tips and tricks which will help you to complete games?

Well, as you know, Nintendo Switch is handheld devices which has more or less same screen area of a modern Smartphone.

What makes this gaming console different from Smartphone is the sheer power of performance which means no lag in any of the game you have chosen to play on the console.

But if you want complete peace of mind then follow our tips and tricks on Nintendo Switch which we bet; you have never implemented.

05 Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks which you should implement

1. increase your storage space

As you know, Nintendo Switch comes in many variants, and most common of them has 32GB inbuilt storage.

Which is quite big to accumulate some of the biggest game of Nintendo like Dragon Quest the heroes or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

Now, if you think your in-built storage space is full, then you can easily grab big microSD cards and place in your gaming console.

Using larger spaces MicroSD card improve the game speed as the program can use the unused space for game virtualization.

 2. Invest in Game Console case and Screen Protector

Let face it, all gaming console which is hand-held are prone to accident, as they are portable and small.

You need to invest in a good Game console case (outer protector) and screen guard or protector to protect from scratch or accidental damage.

You can check some cool game console case which is being sold online in Amazon and other big portals.

Invest in something which cherishes you and makes your hand-held gadget looks cool and different from other people gadgets.

With good console case, you need to invest in good screen guard protector which will prolong your gadget life.

3. Invest into Pro Controller

Did we say, “Pro Controller”?

Yes, you heard it right, invest into a good pro controller of Nintendo Switch which will help you play long hours of games.

Pro controllers are must as, the default controller provided by Nintendo Switch are small and did not fit if your hands are big.

Apart from that controller has many functions which are easy to use as they are mended to fit into the hands of players.

When you are playing long hours of the game, you will feel your hand is going numb and after some time you will not able to play your game.

To avoid such condition, invest in some good game controller and play game peacefully.

4. Keep the Wi-Fi off while playing

Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as Sony or Microsoft console, which requires constant internet connection.

You can safely turn Wi-Fi off while playing any game in Nintendo Switch.

Depending on the game, if you don’t need to participate in any online events or if you are not playing any online game, keep your Wi-Fi off.

This will save battery and keep your frame rate high for the game, which means no lag during the gameplay.

Keeping airplane mode during the game session is also another solution which will minimize all other program accessing the internet.

As diffident program keeps on accessing internet for sending user data, your game faces a massive lag or your frame bit lowers during the connection.

So, if you want lag free game with battery saving, keep your Wi-Fi off and play the game.

5. Invest in External battery

You should invest in external battery like a power bank to increase your life of original battery of the gaming console.

You can use S-Charge or 10,000 mAh battery power bank to keep on charging your game console to avoid putting it for plug for current.

This method will save your original battery life and keep it fit for many years.

Bonus value

How to get unused eShop codes for Nintendo Switch?

Well, there are many legit methods by which you can get unused eShop codes for Nintendo Switch.

During our research, we find some four methods to get unused eShop codes in Nintendo. Read this excellent article published on for getting free unused eShop codes.

  1. Collect Gold Points by Nintendo
  2. Check Gold Points in Fiverr
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  4. Check eShop gift cards on social media platforms
  5. Check big giveaways in Instagram

 Final words

So, these are the Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks in 2019, which you can use and get longer life of your Nintendo Switch.

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