Welcome to 3-puzzle game Toon Blast Tips and Tricks where you can find some new and updated tips to clear all levels.

As you all know, Toon Blast game has shown exceptional growth and cross $300 million marks in the year 2019. It is voted again as the top game in the 3-puzzle category.

Toon Blast has changed the overlook of the 3-puzzle game category with “Ryan Reynolds” doing the commercial.

So, today we have summarized best Toon Blast cheats which will help you clear all levels with ease.

Toon Blast Tips and Tricks to clear all levels

General Tips of Toon Blast

  • Plan 3-steps ahead of any moves
  • Toon Blast is a game of combination, think any combination and try to make it
  • You need to combine at least 03 similar looking cube to get it eliminated in the puzzle board
  • Whenever you clear any cube from the puzzle board, the new cube will come from the top of the puzzle board
  • Cube can be of different color
  • The puzzle board can also contain different game items such as balloons, Ducks, and bubbles.
  • These different game items are known as an obstruction in Toon Blast
  • You need to follow the “Golden thumb rule of the game” in toon blast
  • You should always clear the bottom row first in the puzzle board
  • Clearing the bottom also ensure that you get whole new cubes falling from the top and making a new combination to adjacent cubes

General Tips on Combos in Toon Blast

  • Know Combos to clear your level faster
  • There are three types of special combos in Toon Blast, and they are as follows
    • Rocket
    • Bomb
    • Disco Ball
  • Combos can be formed by matching 05 or more similar looking cube
  • Rocket can be formed using 05 similar looking cube
  • Bomb can be formed using 08 cube of similar color
  • Disco ball can be formed using 09 cube of similar color
  • Rocket can eliminate the whole row or column depending on its face
  • A bomb can eliminate all the cubes which are surrounded by the cube
  • Disco ball can eliminate all the similar-looking color cube present in the puzzle board
  • Do not use combos when you find them in the game
  • Wait to get more combos, then execute them all in one go
  • Combos are great tools to clear any levels

General tips on Booster in Toon Blast

  • Booster are game items which help you to clear any difficult levels
  • A booster can be used only once, and it may help you clear any level in-game
  • Booster is free, but it can also be purchased from a game store
  • There are 04 types of the booster in Toon Blast
    • Hammer
    • Boxing Glove
    • Anvil
    • Dice Booster
  • Booster is present in Toon Chest and Star Chest

Other Tips in Toon Blast

  • You can get help from teammates for getting “extra life.”
  • You can ask for extra life in the chat button present in the team chat
  • Extra life can help in clarifying some of the tough levels where you get struck
  • Whenever you clear any levels, the game will reward you with coins, stars, and booster
  • Use all the available resource and booster to clear your levels

Final words

Well, now you know Toon Blast tips and tricks to clear all levels.

We hope you follow all the tips and tricks given in the article, keep on commenting and tell us which tips you think is best suited for you.

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